Your Development

Democracy deserves a diverse set of staffers in our political system, so whatever your background, we can help you understand your strengths and development points to achieve in politics.

Our cross-party network of expert trainers includes former and current parliamentary advisors, office managers, MPs, caseworkers and journalists, who are perfectly equipped to help you prepare and prioritise for a career in politics.

How we support your development

Our team of trainers, all of whom are experts in their respective fields and range across the whole political spectrum, have a wealth of valuable experience. They’ve seen it all, first hand, and they can pass that advice on to you through their coaching: to help you develop yourself and further your career. We believe this increased understanding will ultimately lead to more effective decision making.

Group training

We have many ready-to-go training courses for up to 20+ people. A great way to support your career development and improve your skills and understanding before you enter the world of bespoke courses or 1-to-1 training.

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Bespoke training

If you or your team have specific goals you want to hit, or areas of interest and understanding you want to hone, we can build bespoke training courses around you.

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1-to-1 training

Many of our courses can be tailored to your individual needs. Our 1-to-1 courses are built around you and your goals, with one coach to guide you along the way – and expert trainers brought in as you need them.

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If you want to book a session with one of our trainers, get in touch below and we’ll find the best expert to help you.